Title I – FAQs

What Is Title I?

Title I is the largest federal aid program for schools in the United States. Nationwide, more than 50,000 public schools (about 12.5 million students) receive Title I funds. In Indiana, 97% of school corporations receive Title I funding.


How Do Schools Qualify For Title I Money?

The government awards Title I money to school corporations based on the corporation’s poverty level – that is, the number of students receiving free or reduced lunch services. The higher the poverty level, the more money a school corporation receives.


What Is The Purpose of Title I?

Title I money is intended to support the academic achievement of students affected by poverty. Title I money is used by school corporations to provide extra educational services that help students achieve at high levels and meet the local and state academic standards.


What is Unique About A Title I School?

Title I schools implement one of two programs. In one program, called a Targeted Assistance Program, students identified as low-achieving receive additional academic support. The other type of program, called a School-Wide Program, is guided by a school-wide improvement plan and a school leadership team. Paramount School of Excellence is a School Wide Program. All students in school benefit from added educational services and programs outlined in the school-wide improvement plan and implemented by all school staff.


How Can Title I Money Be Used?

In a Targeted Assistance Program, schools can use Title I funds to support programs for participating students (i.e., students identified as failing to meet or at risk of failing to meet the Indiana Academic Standards).

In a School-Wide Program, schools can use Title I funds to upgrade the entire educational program of the school. Title I funds can be used to help all students meet the state standards. Examples of ways in which Title I funds may be used in a school-wide program include hiring specially trained teachers, providing professional development for teachers and staff, providing after-school programs, providing equipment and supplies for instruction, and/or supporting parent involvement activities.


What is a School-Wide Improvement Plan?

A School-Wide Improvement Plan is a written plan that a school submits to the Indiana State Department of Education that explains how the School-Wide Program will operate. This plan is submitted when the school first qualifies for school wide status. This plan serves as the basis for future program goals and directions. It identifies the major school performance goals toward which Title I resources will be targeted. This plan also outlines strategies the school will use to enhance professional development and increase parent involvement.


What is Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP)?

Essentially, The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB) requires all schools to show increases in student achievement each year. In Indiana, attainment of AYP is evaluated by an examination of student scores and participation on the Indiana Statewide Testing for Educational Progress – Plus test ( ISTEP+ ), elementary and middle school attendance rates, and high school graduation rates.


What If A School Doesn’t Make AYP?

For schools receiving Title I funding, there are consequences for not making AYP. After two consecutive years of not making AYP, Title I schools enter Improvement Status. Creating a two year improvement plan and providing parents with an opportunity to choose to send their child to a different school in the district are among the actions schools are required to take. Should the school continue to not make AYP, more corrective actions are mandated. A school must meet AYP for two consecutive years to be removed from Improvement Status.


How Does A Child Qualify For Title I Services?

A Targeted Assistance Program serves only those students who have been identified as most at-risk of not meeting the Indiana Academic Standards. Multiple measures of student achievement are used to determine which students are eligible to receive Title I services.

In a School-Wide Program, all children at the school are eligible to receive Title I services. How Title I resources are used in a school-wide program is decided by the school leadership team and guided by the school-wide improvement plan.


How Might Title I Help My Child?

Children at PSOE will have access to additional staff (highly qualified teachers and interventionists) and academic programs to support their learning. Children also benefit from teacher and staff training, technology, equipment, and curriculum materials that are paid for with Title I funds.


What Does Title I Offer Parents?

Parents are a child’s first teacher and they can continue to have a positive impact on their child’s academic achievement once their child enters school. Therefore, Title I schools are committed to helping parents play an active role in their child’s education. All Title I schools have a written plan for how they will involve parents and they hold an annual meeting to inform parents of the school’s plans for using Title I funds. In addition to attending school-sponsored parent/family events, parents in Title I schools are encouraged to help plan and participate in their school’s Title I program. Parents who are interested in serving on a Title I planning committee should contact the school director or Title I director.


What Can Parents Do To Help Support Their School and Their Child?

Parents can help the school and their child in a variety of ways including:

  • Volunteering at school
  • Volunteering to work on a school planning committee
  • Attending school programs
  • Helping your child complete their homework
  • Reading with your child daily
  • Helping your child apply math skills to everyday life
  • Visiting the library with your child
  • Taking family field trips that foster learning


Who Can I Contact For More Information?

PSOE has two Title I contacts:

Mr. Scott Frye
Principal / Title I Director

Ms. Hilary Duvall
Curriculum Coach

Paramount School of Excellence
3020 Nowland Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46201