Indy's Green School

Paramount School of Excellence provides a powerful powerful working example of green initiatives in the educational setting. Green practices reduce the carbon footprint of the school every day that the school is in operation. The following features outline many of PSOE’s green efforts:

  • The onsite wind farm directly offsets electrical expenses.
  • Recycled carpet squares keep acoustics low while keeping all major surfaces green.
  • White roofing, and naturally heated glass-front keep the building energy efficient.
  • A comprehensive recycling program through Work Force Inc. allows the school to recycle 80 percent of school waste.
  • Students compost food from school lunches and this compost is used to feed the yearly school garden.
  • All bathrooms utilize paperless hand dryers and timed faucets.
  • Every light switch and outlet has a green face plate to constantly remind students of the school’s green initiative.
  • The school outdoor green space includes an orchard, fruit bushes, ½ mile fitness trail, outdoor classroom, apiary, goat and chicken farm, and school garden.