Field Day Dress Down Guidelines

Friday May 19th is our annual Field Day at Paramount. Your students may choose to dress down if they would like, provided that they meet the following specifications:

-Athletic clothes are to be worn (t-shirts, shorts, sweatpants, etc.)

-No cutoffs, tank tops, or spaghetti straps

-Shorts must be an appropriate length (just above or below the knee)

-All clothes must be school appropriate, no obscene or suggestive writing on them

-No clothes should be skintight (leggings and yoga pants are not allowed)

-Absolutely no jeans or jean shorts

-No dresses, skirts, etc. 

-Athletic footwear should be worn (no flip flops, sandals, slide on shoes, boots, etc.)

Any student who does not meet these guidelines will not be allowed to participate in field day. Students may choose to wear their uniform instead of dressing down.

Any further questions can be directed to Mr. Thibodeau