Middle School Classroom Updates

Middle School Language Arts

Welcome to Middle School Language Arts

All students are taking their respective grade’s version of Acuity C – E/LA earlier in the week. As we get closer to Spring Break, students will be reviewing the rules of complex punctuation, such as semi-colons and dashes.

Mr Sherrow: ksherrow@paramountindy.org


Middle School Math

6th Grade will be Comparing, ordering, plotting fractions

7th Grade will be Creating and simplifying rational expressions       

8th Grade will be Solving multi-step equations with rational numbers

Ms. Lee: mlee@paramountindy.org
Mr. Thomas: kthomas@paramountindy.org


Middle School STEM

Update coming soon! 


Mr. Minnick: bminnick@paramountindy.org

Mr. Walker: dwalker@paramountindy.org



Middle School Social Studies

This week students will continue to work with inference but start to distinguish between summarizing and making inferences. They will read non-fiction texts related to history and make inferences and summaries over the passages.



Middle School High Ability Track (HAT)

This week in HAT class we will focus on the following skills:


This week in HAT we will review the difference between the tone and the mood of a piece of prose. Students will explore examples of how tone and mood are conveyed by authors through word choice and telling details.


Tone is the author’s overall attitude toward a subject. If tone is the author’s attitude toward a subject, then mood is how we are made to feel as readers, or the emotion evoked by the author.


Students will take the third(final) portion of Acuity testing for English Language



Hat 2: Students will be beginning Topic 7. They will be focusing on zero and negative exponents and multiplying powers with the same base.

Hat 1: 6th: Students will be finishing topic 6. They will be covering how to find the percent of a number and finding the whole given a part and the percent. They will have Topic 6 assessment on Thursday

Hat 1: 7th: Students will be finishing topic 3. They will be learning how to solve markup and markdown problems and solving simple interest problems. They will have a topic 3 assessment on Thursday.


Science: All Hat classes will be studying Life Science, “What is Life”, “Classifying Organisms”, “Discovering Cells”, and “Looking Inside Cells”. They will have a chapter 2 assessment on Tuesday.

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Ms. Edie: cedie@paramountindy.org