Middle School Classroom Updates

Middle School Language Arts

Welcome to Middle School Language Arts

In reading, we will focus on theme and setting.  We will study theme as the lesson or moral of the story, and setting as the time and place in the story.    We will learn both of these elements to help us to better understand our story.  In grammar, we will work on adjectives vs. adverbs.  Our class will continue our learning of expository writing with an emphasis on organization.


  • Vocabulary homework Thursday night

Mr. Sherrow: ksherrow@paramountindy.org

 Middle School Math

6th grade will be working on greatest common factors and least common multiples.

7th grade will be working on equations with Distributive Property.

8th grade will be working on equations with square roots and multi-step equations.


  • One page of math homework Monday-Thursday night

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 Middle School STEM

6th grade will take a day’s respite from our study of the Earth’s crust to observe and explain solar eclipses. We will then continue our study of the Earth by learning about the effects of seismic waves on earthquakes and how seismic waves and data are collected, analyzed, and utilized.

7th grade will continue our study of life and cells. We will complete our cell diagrams, and discuss both the chemicals a cell need to sustain itself and the cell’s unique features that allow continued life.

8th grade will learn about state changes and factors that affect them. We will also discuss the unique features of gases and how they can be effected by variables such as temperature and pressure.

Ms. Marshall: kmarshall@paramountindy.org

 Middle School Social Studies

This week students will begin to work on their analytical skills while learning on how to write an objective summary. Students will be looking at non-fiction texts covering the American Colonies as well as the French and Indian War.

6,7,8.RN.2.2 Analyze the development of a central idea over the course of a text, including its relationship to supporting ideas; provide a detailed, objective summary of the text.

6,7,8.RN.2.3 Analyze how a text makes connections and distinctions among individuals, events, and ideas.

6,7,8.RN.3.2 Analyze in detail the structure of a specific paragraph in a text, including the role of particular sentences in developing and refining a key concept.

Mr. Minnickbminnick@paramountindy.org

Middle School Honors

Language Arts

6C will continue their study of The Maze Runner, along with paired nonfiction texts. Students will work and be tested on characterization, answering in RATE, imagery, and main idea, along with compounding the topics we’ve studied so far.

Honors 6/7 will be finishing up their research assignments on the Middle Ages in connection with King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. This week students will write rough drafts, peer edit, write final drafts, and present their findings to the class.

Honors 8 is studying sociology and its effects on Fahrenheit 451. Students will research sociology topics and create infographics on the use of technology in the United States in relation to the importance of technology in the dystopian novel we are reading.


6C: Students will begin Topic 2. They will cover understanding integers, representing rational numbers on the number line, and absolute values of rational numbers. They will have a class review on Thursday and the mid- Topic 2 assessment on Friday. Students will have math homework on Tuesday and Thursday.

Honors 6/7: 6th grade students will continue to work through Topic 1. They will cover solving problems with rational numbers, understanding rational numbers, comparing and ordering real numbers, and evaluating square roots. They will have a review prior to the end-of-topic assessment on Friday. Homework will be Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Honors 6/7: 7th grade students will work in Topic 1, Real Numbers. They will focus on understanding scientific rotation, operations with numbers in scientific notation, and working through a 3-act mathematical model. They will be having an in-class review on Thursday and the end-of-topic assessment on Friday. Homework will be given on Tuesday and Thursday for math.

Honors 8: Students will begin Topic 2. Students will focus on solving one- and two-step equations, solving multistep equations, and solving equations with variables on both sides. They will complete the mid topic review in class on Thursday and will take the mid-Topic 2 assessment on Friday. Math homework this week is on Tuesday and Thursday.


6C will learn the structure and function of the cell.

Honors 6/7 will learn about sedimentary rocks.

Honors 8 will work on phase changes of matter.

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