Kindergarten – 5th Grade

Regular Classroom updates will return in the fall…. During the summer we’ve left out current classroom updates posted, so you can take a look at what a typical week in a Paramount Classroom looks like!


Kindergarten students will complete a unit of stars. Students will also be reading fiction stories about first grade.

Kindergarteners are working on tracking print and responding to questions about what they are reading. Students are working on reading tricky words independently.

In writing students will work on responding to writing prompts with complete sentences. Students will also continue working on adding supporting details to their writing. Students are practicing mastering their first and last name writing.

In math students are continuing a unit on stepping up to first grade! Students are also reviewing finding the next number, addition, and subtraction skills for mastery.

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First Grade

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Second Grade

Language Arts

This week we will be reading several stories, such as, “Little Red Riding Hood,” “Lon Po Po,” “The Golden Flute,” and “The Empty Pot.” As we are reading, we will be learning how to compare and contrast. Students will be able to compare and contrast the different versions of the stories that we are reading.  We will continue to learn about narrative writing. The students will write their own narrative writings that include a problem and a solution.


In math this week, we will be learning how to divide a shape into equal parts.  We will also be learning about fractions and regions. Students should be able to identify a fraction and write the numerator and denominator. Students will also review different strategies to add and subtract 3 digit numbers. We will end the week with Math congress and use our problem solving skills to answer the word problems.

Social Studies/Science

Each classroom has new baby chicks in it! In Social Studies students will be learning about author’s purpose as the learn about Ancient China.  Students will read several different articles and identify the author’s purpose for writing the stories.  On Friday we will watch “Mulan” and compare and contrast the movie to information we have learned in the nonfiction texts about China.

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Third Grade



May 23 – Last Day of School!

As always, please make sure your child is practicing math facts at home ( is a great resource) and reading each night. Because it is now testing time, also make sure your child is eating healthy meals and going to bed at a reasonable time so they can arrive each day ready to do their best.


Comprehension: Plot/Theme, Drawing Conclusions; Vocabulary: Context clues

Writing: The Museum of Self – students will be using their writing skills from the year to write an A-Z autobiography


Step Up to Fourth Grade! We will be continuing with fourth grade math material this week.

Social Studies and Science

We will be learning about lemurs in science, and will be discovering different social studies topics on our field trip to the Indiana State Museum; Current events; Math and Science activities

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Fourth Grade

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Fifth Grade

Important News:

May 23rd: Last Day of School

*2:00 p.m. dismissal

Fast Five

  1. How do we make accurate inferences using evidence from the text?
  2. How do root words help us with unknown words?
  3. How can we write a response to literature?
  4. How do numerical relationships help us interpret data?
  5. How do we divide using fractions?


Word origin study

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Language Arts

In reading, we will read “King Midas and the Golden Touch” in our Reading Street textbook. We will focus on making and supporting inferences. We will analyze text vocabulary and interpret text meaning through our text based inferences. Additionally, we will continue to make and support inferences through informational text with a similar topic and theme to our weekly literary text.


The final two days, we will review 6th grade concept standards involving fractions, percents, decimals, and geometric concepts.

Math through Science

We will work on mathematics concepts through science this week by completing a “Dominant Sides” project over two days.

The 5th grade team would like to thank parents, families, community members, staff, and most importantly OUR STUDENTS for an amazing year at Paramount. Have a GREAT Summer!

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