Staff Directory




Email Address

Tommy Reddicks Executive Director 317-519-4588
Peggy Purvis Network Compliance and Reporting Manager 317-519-4588
Barb Richardson Director of Advancement 317-519-4588
Jessica Monk Network Operations Manager  317-519-4588
Tiffany Palacios Network Human Resource Manager  317-519-4588
Hannah Okerson Bookkeeper  317-519-4588
Sarah Shaffer Network Innovation Manager 317-519-4588
Scott Frye School Principal 2012
Kyle Beauchamp Assistant Principal – Middle School
Darius Sawyers Assistant Principal – Elementary 2904
Adam Freeman Academic Dean 1102
Hilary Duvall Vice Principal 0637
Mary Laflin Operations Manager 2011
Zackery Hoyt Assistant Operations Manager
Justin Braun Technology Manager 6672
April Wright Administrative Assistant 2000
Matthew McCarroll Registrar  6651
Angie Cazares Family and Community Engagement Director  3001
Clarice Bailey Family Allies Community Team (FACT)  3001
Rhonda Grady Counselor 0632
Kyla Ryan Counselor 6678
Irma Castro ELL Coordinator/Interpreter 6673
Dan Goldblatt Time and Space Coordinator 6652
Valerie Carlisle Math Break-Out  6679
Dexter Taylor Recovery Coordinator 6674
Caroline Nichols Academic Recovery 2905
James Reed Assistant Dean of Discipline
Alex Hostetler Assistant Dean of Discipline
Chris Larson Director of Environmental Education 2801
Lisa Hopman Garden and Landscape Coordinator
Evan Castor Environmental Education
Ann Lawton Kindergarten Teacher 1001
Shanna Ferree Kindergarten Teacher 1002
Camille Starnes Kindergarten Teacher 1003
Sara Ebenroth Kindergarten Title 1 Interventionist
Allsion Evoy 1st Grade Teacher  1201
Kayla Hancock 1st Grade Teacher  1101
Courtney Campbell 1st Grade Teacher 1302
Brittany Lawton 1st Grade Teacher: Team Lead   1103
Deanee Thomas 1st Grade Title 1 Interventionist
Danielle Bolek 2nd Grade Teacher 1203
Abigail Kirk 2nd Grade Teacher 1303
Kensi Sauley 2nd Grade Teacher: Team Lead 1202
Chakkakhan Allen 2nd Grade Title 1 Interventionist
Jill Armington 3rd Grade Teacher: Team Lead 2501
Elizabeth Bishop 3rd Grade Teacher 2401
Cassie Gage 3rd Grade Teacher  2402
Luke Stoebick 3rd Grade Title 1 Interventionist
Megan Cassidy 4th Grade Teacher 2502
Phoebe Duvall 4th Grade Teacher: Team Lead 2602
Hannah Friedeman 4th Grade Teacher 2601
Tiffany Castro 4th Grade Title 1 Interventionist
Megan Bouckley 5th Grade Teacher 2802
Michael Greene 5th Grade Teacher 2901
Nicole Wehmeier 5th Grade Teacher: Team Lead 2906
Demond Woods 5th Grade Title 1 Interventionist
Mun Lee Middle School Math Teacher 0638
Brad Minnick Middle School ELA Teacher 2013
Korry Sherrow Middle School ELA Teacher: Team Lead 0633
Keith Thomas Middle School Math Teacher 2702
Kayla Marshall Middle School STEM Teacher 2016
Marquez Wynne Middle School Title 1 Interventionist
Joshua Adams High Ability Teacher 6675
Callie Edie High Ability Teacher 0636
Emily Hancock High Ability Teacher 2903
Octavia Geiger STEM Art Teacher 6670
Ann Porter Spanish Teacher
Derek Gould Music Teacher  2902
Keith Thibodeau PE Teacher: Team Lead
Shelly Perry Special Education Teacher 6677
Stefanie Ritter Special Education Teacher 1301
Abigail Robinson Special Education Teacher
Shelia Jones Special Education Title 1 Interventionist
Ebony Uloho Special Education Title 1 Interventionist
Laurie Combs Coffee Shop
Amy Torres Cafeteria Manager
Brittany Holland Cummins Behaviorist
Tessa Dean Cummins Behaviorist
Wendy Carr Nurse  2015
Teri Maloney Occupational Therapist
Jenna Roe Speech Therapist
Ray Herring Speech Therapist
Rana Bratchette YMCA